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Course Equipment and Tech


One of the most important pieces of kit you will need for all our courses. PAMGUARD is a processor and memory intensive program and therefore a modern laptop is a must. Currently we require a laptop with 4GB of RAM and a modern multi core processor e.g. Intel Core 2 Duo would be the minimum we would expect.

Programs and Operating System

PAMGUARD will run on Linux and Windows (not OSX). We would recommend Windows 7/8.1 or Ubuntu 12.10+, however other operating systems may be used at your own risk. For the advanced PAMGUARD course Microsoft Access can be very useful but is not a necessity.


Tablets can be useful on our courses for looking through materials however will not currently run PAMGUARD in most cases. Some windows tablets will run PAMGUARD, e.g. the MS Surface Pro and can replace your laptop, however please ask us beforehand to make sure there will be no issues.


A pen and paper is always going to be useful.

Warm Clothes (Practical Only)

You must have appropriate warm clothing for the practical course. Survival suits are usually supplied by the vessel on the course.

MATLAB (Adv. Course only. Optional)

MATLAB is a powerful tool which can be used to open binary files created by PAMGUARD. The advanced course contains a MATLAB module. Users will need a copy of MATLAB version 2012 or above to complete the module.