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PAMTech is run by active researchers and as such we can provide a wide variety of PAM related services. These include:  


  •  PAMGuard software development

  • Acoustic hardware installation, training and advice

  • Acoustic survey planning

  • PAM operator services

  • Hardware and software troubleshooting


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"Small toothed whales of the family Phocoenidae and delphinid genus Cephalorhynchus produce long-duration narrowband biosonar clicks above 100kHz that can be seen as an adaptation for short range echolocation in shallow water... the distantly related, and larger pygmy sperm whale Kogia breviceps (Kogiidae), that is a deep-diving, cephalopod -eating toothed whale, produce narrow-banded high frequency (NBHF ) clicks, identical to those of Phocoena...Thus, NBHF biosonar signals have evolved on three independent occasions" Madsen et al. 2005

3D TM sperm whales click det

Need a new feature in PAMGuard?  We can provide experienced PAMGuard  programmers to help you out. We abide strictly to the open source ethos of PAMGuard so any new features will be made open source.

Software Development



Need a PAM operator or someone to analyse data? We can find you the best person for the job.


Survey Design

Planning a survey using acoustics? A well designed survey is vital for ensuring you collect the right data. We can offer consultancy services to advise on best practice and design an effective survey.  


Hardware and Software Trouble-shooting