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Passive acoustics requires advanced hardware along with complex software suites. PAMTech offers a comprehensive range of courses, catering for complete beginners to helping researchers at the cutting edge of the field. We aim to produce students who understand how and why to use PAMGuard  and how to diagnose, prevent and fix issues with hardware. We can tailor all courses towards mitigation and/or surveys and our advanced courses allow participants to pick from a comprehensive list of skills, from detecting blue whales to localising harbour porpoises.

PAMTech Courses

Taught by the people who make PAMGuard  Learn advanced features tailored to your research needs. Learn about Viewer mode, integration with MATLAB and much more.

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Learn to use PAMGuard , get an introduction to basic hardwear, and learn about different types of PAM surveys. Students are introduced to the varied applications of PAM including case studies of the latest PAM research projects.

"... to address the fundamental limitations of existing cetacean passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) software capabilities by creating an integrated PAM software infrastructure that is open source and available to all PAM users for the benefit of the marine environment. The PAMGUARD project was set up to provide the world standard software infrastructure for acoustic detection, localisation and classification for mitigation against harm to marine mammals."  PAMGUARD website.

Course schedule


We are currently arranging courses for groups only. If your group (preferably minimum 6 people) would like to enquire about training, please get in touch with the level of training you require, and your preferred location and dates. We can tailor courses specifically to meet your training needs.