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Our Instructors

Jamie Macaulay is a lead developer on the PAMGuard project, pioneering the advancement of the software and its practical applications for research and industry. His current research focuses on fine scale localisation of harbour porpoises in tidal areas.

Anja Wittich works actively in passive acoustic monitoring in research as well as commercial projects. She has considerable experience in mitigation projects such as seismic and piling operations, and in acoustic baseline data collection for renewable energy projects.



Anja Wittich Susannah Calderan

Susannah Calderan is an experienced field acoustician, who has worked extensively in both academic research and industry around the world. She is closely involved with testing, training, and implementation of passive acoustic monitoring hardware and software.

Graham Weatherup works at SMRU Marine as a PAMGuard developer. In addition to his thorough knowledge of PAMGuard software, Graham also works in the field on commercial and research projects.


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