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Jan 2016 Advanced Course

By macster110, Feb 4 2016 08:57AM

The last weekend in January 2016 saw the PAMTech team at the Vine Trust Barge in Leith, Edinburgh teaching a two-day Advanced PAMGuard course. The Advanced course is the apex predator of PAMTech’s courses: a bit scary, but quite awesome too. It’s a course that involves working with the very latest PAMGuard features (some of which haven’t quite been invented yet…), and getting to grips with PAMGuard’s huge potential for offline analysis and managing big datasets.

Over the time we’ve been teaching this course, it’s been constantly evolving in line with PAMGuard’s progress and ever-increasing capabilities. It now involves seven hefty modules, ranging from analysing porpoise click data collected on a towed stereo hydrophone, to blue whale recordings from Difar sonobuouys; from sperm whale clicks detected on a tetrahedral array to using MATLAB for analysing PAMGuard data. In addition to working with some really interesting, complex datasets provided by us, we’re really excited if participants bring along their own datasets – and their own problems – for us to work on together.

We really hope last weekend’s course was as fun and satisfying for our participants and it was for us. Everyone worked really hard (there were moments when steam was almost visible coming out of people’s ears), and with great humour. It was excellent to see how people are using PAMGuard, and it gave us some ideas for how the software can be developed in the future.

Thanks very much to our partipicants, and to Robert and Heather at the Vine Trust for providing such a great venue.

Next Advanced course scheduled for October 2016 – see you then!

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