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The Advanced PAMGuard  course is tailored to your specific needs. Learn how to use PAMGuard  for analysing your research and/or survey data. The modular based approach of this course allows you to focus on your specific requirments. We explore the advanced functions of Viewer mode (the offline post-processing mode of PAMGuard)  teach you how to use complex classifiers and introduce the PAMGuard  MATLAB library, allowing maximum control of your data. The Advanced PAMGuard  course is always taught by the people who program PAMGuard  and work actively in the field.


Whistle classification, target motion analysis, data maps, viewer mode, MATLAB library, adv. and difar localisation....

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"It was found that, at distances on the order of 1000 km, the ray chaos already is fully developed, and this phenomenon should be taken into account in describing long-range sound propagation in the ocean." Virovlyanskioe et al 2007.

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