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Cetacean passive acoustics, the science of detecting, classifying and localising whale and dolphin sounds, is a key tool for researching cetaceans. These sounds range from the low infrasonic tones of blue whales, the largest animals ever to have lived on the planet, to the ultrasonic clicks of the harbour porpoise, six times higher in frequency than humans can hear. PAMGuard is an open source passive acoustics software program capable of working both in real-time as a powerful mitigation tool and as a comprehensive post data collection analysis suite. It builds on decades of research in passive acoustics and is designed specifically to process and display the large volumes of data collected in surveys and research expeditions, targeting the full spectrum of cetacean species.  However, the continuing development and flexibility of PAMGuard  can make it initially complex to use and understand. PAMTech brings together experts in the field to provide courses to teach comprehensive skills in passive acoustics, both in using software and hardware. PAMTech also provides development services for PAMGuard  We can add in small features or build entire new modules. For more information please visit our contact page.

"In the Southern Hemisphere, overexploitation during the 20th century by commercial whaling reduced blue whale populations (Balaenoptera musculus spp.) to the brink of biological extinction. Despite gaining complete international legal protection several decades ago, blue whale populations remain at low levels and their recovery seems to be slow"  Samaran et al. 2010